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How Does CSA Work?

What is CSA?

   Community Supported Agriculture is a Partnership between farmers and the members of the Community.  By financially committing to a farm, you become a member, or a “share holder” of the CSA. In return, you receive a weekly share of the harvest all season long.  You, the community, benefits greatly by having access to wholesome local grown food, which is miles fresher. The taste difference will Surprise you. This food is fresh, naturally grown by your neighbor.
     Ultimately, a CSA creates “agriculture supported communities”, where members receive a wide variety of foods harvested at the peak of ripeness, flavor, and vitamin and mineral content.

Community Members sign up and purchase their shares, paying one lump sum, or in several installments due at the first of each month, prior to delivery, throughout the growing season. BLF CSA payments are due by May 5th, 2015. Payments may be made by cash, check, or Credit/Debit card.
    In return for your investments, CSA members receive a basket of fresh, locally grown produce once a week for approx. 6 months, from late spring to early fall, with the choice of a goose or turkey at Thanksgiving time.
     We will deliver each week to your convenient location, in either Grand Rapids, Hibbing, Ely, or Virginia.

Community Supported Agriculture